Saturday, August 9, 2008

This is the view from the bottom of the hill at the venue today here in Washington. Holy shit. Bridget from Fearless is coming to hang out with Michelle and i today. I still miss Saint Louis regardless of this view.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

More of Montana's awesome scenic opportunities.

It was once written in ink that he wanted more from this life.

New ink. Want more already.

It's a mountain hill thing!

Hannah Montana? Yeah.

After realizing my mistake buying a Blackberry from Wal-Mart (Suzi called it), i am back online with the Razr phone. What was i thinking? However i am back in the States in Missoula, Mt doing laundry with Dennis from Alesana at this place called the Green Hangar. Missoula seems to be the place where it's perfect to raise a family and start a business. Things are going well on the road. Sad that the end me Warped Tour looms near but ready to see my friends and family again. Hope all is well with you.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Harajuku lovers.

Things seem promising in my quest for world domination. I am wearing a L.A.M.B . hoodie and I claw all in the eyes who try to inhibit my plans to receive this world in its whole.

Leave me a comment or I will fart on your face!

Back lounge is not as poppin' as front.

In blood,

Roller coaster (favorite ride).

Greeting one and all, and apologies extended to those who are disappointed for lack of updates in Johnny Virus land. Warped TOur is going excellent. Yesterday, Fearless Records sold more merch than any other day on Warped Tour. We were close to breaching $4,000! Excellent, as I get paid on commission as opposed to a flat salary... and let's talk about how I made almost $50 in tips. Unbelievable! Kudos to my Tip Robot.

Kelly Graham is the equivalent to Jesus and Jessica Knowles is far too humble for words. Michelle and I have been battling wind, rain, and scene trash boys and girls to make this Warped the best that Fearless has ever seen.

Today we are in Buffalo, NY and the day was welcomed with high winds and menacing clouds. Our loyal street teamers Jesse and Stevo have returned with a vengeance. They are two dudes that have been following the tour for about ten dates or so and will be following the next ten or so dates (given the time and money that they have available)

This venue in Buffalo has an amusement park that is free with my laminate and I'm stoked to get aboard some coasters later tonight.

My mom has been going through crazy times at home and I am proud of her for battling it out without me.

I miss my friends like no other and hope to see them sooner than later.

I bought a Blackberry.

It's sweet.

I'm growing a beard.